The California Hi-Desert Artists, published in July 2018

Siori Kitajima was featured in the book Our Ever Changing World: #9 The California Hi-Desert Artists by Karrie Ross.

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Artists of the California Hi-Desert

“I like thinking that artists are different. I noticed that artists work to bring something that is hidden into light. That their way of seeing and being in our world opens us to new ways of acting and thinking. Their different perspectives help to bring about change.” -Kerrie Ross

Our Ever Changing World: Through the Eyes of Artists : “The California Hi-Desert Artists” bring together artists who are taking risks each day, not just because they live in the desert but by their actions—setting a purpose to create their own life. Looking change in the face and making new beginnings with their art in a challenging location.

Featuring the following artists: Bill Brewer, Lisa Manifold, John Henson, Timothy Hearsum, Mitch Miller, Kat Johnson, Steve Rieman, Lisa Starr Starr, Ben Allanoff, Margie Trandem, Wini Brewer, Cathy Allen, Wendy Lee Gadzuk, David Bottoms, Kevin Powell, Robert Arnett, Kat Green, Cybele Rowe, Tony Milici, Diane Best, Siori Kitajima, Snake Jagger, Larry White, Meg Madison, Yucca Vallery Art Center